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01 Mar 2012
By atheistsw


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Tutorial - Paint Glitch

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01 Mar 2012
By atheistsw

So, after much interest I have finally got around to posting a tutorial for this much sought-after trick online. It is actually incredibly easy to get to work once you know how and can make for some fantastically unique results. I will be posting up the original tutorial sent by the glitch discoverer MrDufus and my comments, the result of much time spent with this glitch after it's discovery, will be in italic type to avoid confusion.


So, without further ado, on with the tutorial!


1. Select 'Place Props' and press L1 (I find this important, if you DON'T select props right from the main menu it's liable not to work for you.)


2. Go find any existing prop, press X to pick it up, then press press L1 to deselect.


3. Slect 'Surface Brush' and place a blob of each available colour anywhere. DON'T move the cursor after placing the last blob.


4. Change Theme - to the one you want as a backdrop.


5. Select 'Surface Brush' but don't place any.


6. Select 'Test Drive.


7. Select Surface Brush et voila! You should now have colours from the theme of the first prop you placed on the map. (If you are using an angled props template then you will need to change EVERY one of the angled props to a prop from the theme whose paint colours you want to use. E.g. if you want the alpine grass with a desert backdrop then change all the angled props to pine tree's from that theme then select one of those as step 1.)


Glitch Notes


1. The glitched colours seem to be from the theme of whatever the first prop you placed on the map was.


2. If you keep trying to do this with one track it'll stop working and you eventually you won't be able to place ANY surface colours on that track, so choose wisely! (Also worth bearing in mind is that you can only change the theme of your track when you have enough budget left to do so, usually if more than about 55% of your prop bar is full it will say you haven't enough budget to switch, so planning ahead is the key to getting the most from this glitch. Also, you cannot use multiple theme paint sprays, as even if you go through all this, place your spray from another theme (say alpine grass on desert) and then decide you want sprays from another theme (say snow from Arctic) then even if you change all the initial props to arctic ones the paint sprays you have access to after doing the glitch a second time will STILL be the alpine ones as that is still down on the ground from the first attempt. So even with all this amazing glitchiness, you're still limited to just two themes merging unfortunately.)


3. The final background theme DOESN'T COUNT as a used theme so you can mix props as if you haven't used that background theme! (A very useful trick even without taking the paint glitch into consideration, as this essentially allows you to mix and match 5 themes (three base, one mini/DLC and the background theme) as long as you don't use any props from the background theme.


So there we have it, Modnation Paint Glitch glitch, as easy as A, B, er.... C! ;)


Any questions feel free to post them in here and I'll do my best to answer them for you.


Happy Glitching! :D


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