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@Iop330 wrote:

Ok,please read all of this mark, I have published a new version of acradia nova (v1.1) yet the original is still there, also the same with slippery splashdown, The only changes are bug fixes and on Arcadia Nova is that I re-did a section of scenry yet the gameplay remained the same, (for piccies go to my post about the track)

 I can totally understand if changing the tracks now would be impossible due to the system yet I dont want you taking out my track out of hot lap just to this inconveninece,I hope it's hot lap worthy if it isnt ignore all of this,so really what i mean is : If you can update it that would be great if you can't, no biggie, hope you enjoy! :smileyhappy:

I think you might be happy with hot lap next week!


But this is a good example of what could go wrong. The blog and hot lap seating are now finished and if the track was pulled it would have been a bit of a mess.


I'm just asking everyone to take an extra minute to time trial, etc... to get the issues resolved before submitting.


Love your track!


See you Monday!




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