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24 Mar 2011
By ModNationSD


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ModNation Team Track Challenge - Are You In?

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24 Mar 2011
By ModNationSD

ModNation Team Track Challenge - Are You In?

Are you new to track creation and want to learn AND work with the best?

Are you one of “the best” and want to impart your “MNR wisdom” on the newbies?

Well this is the event for you. We will be putting together teams of 4-5 track creators to work together on building a united team track. Teams will consist of 4-5 members. ModNationSD (that’s me!) will randomly pick teams and list them in this thread. Once teams have been assigned you can go ahead and get started. Teams are free to iterate on the tracks in any ways they would like and use the forums, PSN messages, etc. in order to communicate. You can always chat in the ModSpot too! You are trailblazing this process. Let us know how it goes!

Simple rules:
1. Start track from scratch
2. Each person on the team needs to contribute
3. DLC is allowed, just be aware that your whole team will need to own the DLC in order to remix
4. Final creations need to be published by April 30th
5. Have fun!

We are looking forward to seeing and racing the results! Sign-ups end March 31st.

Sign up below…

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