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When I looked at the above 4 posts by GODmodnation, this was my thought process:


1: Huh, why are there so many posts and what language is that?

2: I think he wants to sign up, but it's too late.

3: Woah (this isn't actually what I thought, but I thought it was more appropriate than what I thought lol), it's Godmodnation, that guy who often wins hot lap. He has finally appeared on the forums!


Godmodnation has made his entrance!



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Re: Official ModNation Grand Prix Sign Up's

I may not be the best track creator ever, but with the help from your feedback I can become better! Just download my best tracks (see below) and then follow the links below to leave your feedback. All constructive feedback is greatly appreciated!
Rally Resort - Canopy Ride - The Snake's Lair v2 - Schneevil Rally

Really random quote (try not to laugh at the randomness lol!):
lakabo wrote: I know what you smell like in real life. mark
Mark (ModNationSD) replied: que?
There are some posts by praise93 that I also laughed really hard at, but you need to know the context to find them funny.