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30 Aug 2010
By Lloyd2k4


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Bugged official UFG Tracks

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30 Aug 2010
By Lloyd2k4

Switchback Valley:


The 'shortcut' launcher jump after the barrel field respawns you incorrectly if you get blown up or knocked off track in front of it.  This can be fixed by moving the launcher jump a little forward so it's closer to the reset zone.


Lost Temple:  


This has been documented by several players other than myself.  There are a couple of areas on this track where you can get 'caught' in the race track because of going to fast and/or going over just the right spot where there is a prop in the ground.


First location:  If you go over the green booster after the initial drift, and hit or miss the red boosters at the bottom of the 'hill', there is a chance that when you start to go straight over the wooden bridge, your kart will get 'stuck' in the bridge and be brought to a screeching halt.  This typically happens when going too fast around this area but doesn't always happen, which leads me to believe it's not intended to happen at all.  This can ruin some potentially good TT runs and also cost XP Racers the race when this happens.


Next up is the wall barriers that pop up out of the ground right after the gauntlet.  There are three sets of these:  One on the left side, one blocking the TIKI head that leads to a launcher, and one on the right side.  The right side set has 3 barrier walls.  The barrier wall on the far right of the three on the right set can cause karts to come to a screeching halt if driven over at just the right spot when it's down in the ground.  This can be fixed by either changing the elevation of the track at that point so the prop is no longer slightly above where it should be, or by lowering the prop itself into the ground more.


Crazy Crater:


End of the track, right after going over the rotating platform as you're about to end a lap.  After going over the rotation platform on the right side, you can get caught in the pavement in between the rotating platform and the poles that come out of the ground because of a weird elevation change right at that point.  This, once again, causes the kart to come to a screeching halt.  I had this problem several times just yesterday at this same exact spot every time I drove over it.  This can be fixed by removing the little 'hump' in the pavement at this point so that there is a more smooth transition into the pavement from the rotation platform.  This should fix the front of karts getting stuck and stopping them.


Dire Cliffs:


The thin red ramp after the launcher jump that goes up and down periodically is bugged, causing racers to occasionally be stopped completely when going right down the middle of it, regardless of whether or not it's up or not.  This is most likely caused (but not confirmed) by the prop being too high above the track level or the track having some weird humps in that area which causes the prop to elevate slightly at just the wrong spot.  The elevation change is so small that it's not noticable, but it's enough to make it so karts get stuck when trying to go over the prop.

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