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Ok made up my mind:

-Japanese rooms are what many warriors strive for and if it wasn't for panpa00 i would be completely mute, untrained and not so creative (then thanks again i met other japanese as well such the racer Angelg and Kuning have been listing)

-From Italy these 2 racers i particulary like kikire8096 and TUSSHON, high challenging, fun to chat.

 -Assyrion-chan is one of the main great race opponent and also great people to have a laugh and serious moment. Ananas Race Forever.

-Having a buddy like earlizd1 is like the most awesome thing to happen in your life. Great racer, one of the best trash talker and simple the awesome MNR guy. 

- AngelG_No55_FTW is my Touhou Racer Pro, no matter how many times i have to lose. He's the one who keep making me race with Touhou mods (search that term on google or in MNR). High- challenging.

-P! Lovely Duo: Poncy and Llyodky are also a great pick of choice for a sweet race full of panties flying on your kart. high-challenging as well.


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