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Adding more because i can't write everything in 1 post.

-Kuningaskotka is by far my great buddy racer, the only who can stands all of my complains and give the best racing experience ever. Oh yeah, baby. If you don't know or dislike this guy, you're going to get more than a heavy storm of salty meatballs on your face.

-DeathsMom and the crew such jeeferzone, POULTRY_GOD, Holiday-4 and many others. I mean seriously i love them, they're fun to race doesn't matter in which kind of track you have to race, their talking somehow just relaxes me, they're somehow cool down my heart! Oh yeah!

-Mark Wilson: WHY U INVISIBLE ON MODSPOT. Lol anyway thanks to him i manage to sneak in interesting casual gamerooms.


I'll be probably missing many people but hell man, i'm a bird brained person

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