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I remember the good ol days too. The first year was pretty cool. But it feels better now when DNF'ing whole rooms.:smileywink:


PS: sorry to those who I DNF'd on Saturday. Sometimes I don't even notice I'm that good until I start overlapping people (I think I did once? Ahh... noobs). Anyway, i'll make sure to stop at the finish line so everyone can have a chance to finish...

That is interesting. Looking at your stats, you have 1580 races and 51861 race xp, which is 33 race xp per race (I'm not cerfified mathematician though). Please note that you get 100 xp when winning an xp race. 100 race xp / 28 races last week when you pwned and DNF'd people in Saturday? I must ask, where do you pwn and DNF people? In casual rooms?


Your favourite person to race with is maverick. Try to first race with other sig mafia guys and you'll notice that it's a fcuking nightmare even to survive to be in top 5.


My favorite racing opponents are Kumikaasuvotka, earlizd1, Blackjet and glaudea and I very seldom win a race when they are in the room.

Most members of the sig mafia arent that hard to beat. the ones that hard are: 



RP-Genisis(havent raced him though)


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Re: MNR Poll: Nominate your favourite race opponents

2013 MNR Tournament!! Wooooh!!