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Mark, don't you get DNFs in gamerooms for waiting at the start line. I remember I was in a room with ath and some other casuals (possibly poppa, meep, jefferzone, zlheck, etc) and for about 6 races you just waited at the startline for the whole race. I told ath to kick you, but he didn't. 


Anyway, the other day I had an awesome time in a rather random gameroom. It was about 1am-4am in America at the time, so I wasn't expecting many people to be on. My real life friend who doesn't play much was on his account where he only does casual races and invited me into his gameroom... I was expecting lvl 1-15s, I was surprised when I sawdrew_sux and ripper171! DYED -EYES, a lvl 15 with a skill rating over 2000, was also there. Us five usually took the top 5 positions in gameroom that expanded and contracted over the 2 hours that we raced for. Some other names people might recognise are: laidbackcat (only there for a few races), Fox150cc and rhino17dude. None of these racers got that many top 5 positions though (partly because they left half way through).


I won a few races, but only a few, and the wins were pretty evenly spread between the top 5, with dyed-eyes probably winning the most. We all raced in a quite similar way and often the last corner decided 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The other 'worse' racers were not that bad, we never had a sideswipe and they sometimes had a good race and surprised us by finishing in the top 5, which kept things interesting. I hosted, choosing some of the brand new gems (like a and c's dragon wars) and classics (like atlantis rising). 


I must say it was the most fun I've ever had in a gameroom!




Gamerooms like that used to be the norm back in MNR's first year. Drew_sux and I would host for many hours usually between 11pm to 4-5am PST. It was a blast reviving those days and seeing "new" people playing in a respectful way (no dirty tricks, just pure clean race tactics). I can say that I also had a lot of fun that night.


About  DYED-EYES, he/she has been a lvl 15 for as long as I can remember (that goes back to MNR ancient times). He/she has always been a tough opponent and I can't help but feeling happy when I beat him/her (I used to lose a lot, I mean A LOT, back in the day).


BTW, drew sent me a message the other day saying that he's hosting casual rooms again, and therefore I'm back to casual rooms as well. If you wish, add me as a friend and I'll invite you when we're racing. I might have high expectations, but I really wish that we could get a group of 10-12 people with similar race style (like the one in that room) and revive the good old days of MNR.



Thanks for responding ripper! I didn't have PSN when this game was popular... but if that's what it used to be like then I wish I did! Usually after midnight PST there are very few people online, and that's only 7pm here lol! So I was shocked to see such an awesome room at 2-3am PST. I will proceed to add you and drew as friends! In addition, I will tell my friend (athenaftw, who is lvl 1 but not a bad racer as you saw the other day) that he should play more again! I will also see if I can get chickenbut, poppa, cat and rainbowhillbilly to come online early like they sometimes do, so we can get a big room!


About Dyed_eyes: I had no idea lol! I now feel proud that I was able to win some races!


Finally, about probby: Yes, he is VERY fast when he tries! He sometimes gets top 5 in hot lap and goes very well in gamerooms. In addition, atheist and baubibunny (excuse my incorrect spelling) are very speedy. 

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