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29 Mar 2012
By atheistsw


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MNR Poll: Nominate your favourite race opponents

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29 Mar 2012
By atheistsw

Right off the bat, this is NOT a popularity contest, I'm not asking who the greatest, most wonderful racers in the game are, we're all fairly clued up on that aspect. ;)


No, this is more of a personal thing, I'm asking who your favourite opponents to race are, on the basis of who do you have enjoy the best races with? Of course, for some people this will simple come down to the personalities of those people (maybe they crack you up with their jokes) or for others it may be a case of who you have the tightest, most incident filled contests with. Rgeardless, post your choices here, I'm just trying to remind the community how great this game is amidst all the doom and gloom regarding the "death" of MNR!


I will select two people, both for purely racing experience reasons. Firstly BaibiBunnie, we always have great races, often very close as we seem very closely matched in skill level (BB would probably argue that point, lol!) and often races can finish up with mere tenth's of a second between us. Secondly I'll choose zlheck. Again, we have close races (although I honestly think he's better than me skill-wise) but he's such a competitive guy, always talking trash on the mic that when I do manage to pip him to the post in the final seconds it's ooooh so satisfying! :D


I showed you mine, now show me yours! :D

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