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im enroll for 8 am gameroom

Wow :smileyindifferent:


But yeah anyways, regarding lightning lag, it's based mainly on when you enter the gameroom and how many people are in the room. If you are hosting or you are like the 2nd or 3rd person in the room a bolt storm will almost always be on time and consistant. And if you are say, the 8th or 9th in the room, the lightning will usually hit you much later than it should. This is simply my observation over all the races I've done on the game and this is nearly always the case to how bolt storm works.


But the biggest problem isn't really that the lightning hits you much later if you are one of the last ones to join a room. If I'm the 8th or 9th person to join a room, for example, the lightning won't be consistant. So basically, the lightning might take 4 sec to hit you one time, and the next time it might take 2 sec to hit. I never figured that one out, maybe as people leave and come in to a game, it changes the time it takes to hit you depending on who fires the lightning.


And level 3 lightning will start to lag and be inconsistant once you get around 6 players and sometimes less than that. Even the room I raced in last week with 5 to 7 people was laggy enough. I know for the first GP in January we had 11 counting Mark in the room, and even though he wasn't racing, that was still 11 people in the room. Whether you have 10 or 12 people in the room you are still gonna have lag regardless.


So I think I gotta agree with Angel and Ripper that you should at least try a full room and see how it goes. If WARS is supposed to be focused on more fun and less competition then why not try out a full room?

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