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Unfortunately I have the same issue and so far can't find a solution, ant where.

I have registered the PSP 3002, and can access online with Little Big Planet and other games, I have also accessed and downloaded other material, registering to the wifi isn't the problem I get an IP address. BUT when I try to go online, at the stage that it says "connecting to servers"  my PSP suddenly shuts off. It does this every single time, whether it's Online Race or downloading a creation. We have the UMD game but it did come with a voucher for online material and this has been entered.
The only other thing I can add is that my son is trying to connect ( it is his PSP, and he has a sub account). When He first got the game and tried to connect he would get a message "switch to chat mode to connect" and then the only option would be to select OK and then be returned to the community menu. I then went into my master account and changed the sub account settings to allow chat mode. ever since this happened, the PSP shuts down when connecting to Modnations community content.

Anyone else have a problem with this? It is very annoying as the PSP was bought mainly for the modnations game on community and we haven't been able to use it.

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