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09 Jul 2011
By ShamgarBlade


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Newbie Arrival

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09 Jul 2011
By ShamgarBlade

Hey guys. I got modnation last week and I've already beaten the campaign and all of its add-on career content, and I've made a few mods and tracks. Although I'm level 24, I still consider myself a "new guy" in Modnation. I don't know a single person here, all of the people on my friends list are from Little Big Planet. I'm in desperate need of some Modnation friends! I don't mind adding young people, but don't want anyone on my friend list that doesn't know how to be mature, I've got a few of those and they're a pain enough.


But anyways yeah! My psn is ShamgarBlade, you can add me or I can add you, either way. :3

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