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This is my Theory on the psn shut down... George Hotz The i phone hacker That created the jailbreak code.. won a battle that then allowed the jailbreaking to be legal.... Therefor apple. loosing mega millions on app costs etc.. Same person broke the ps3 code allowing things to be altered etx in there system... and posted it on the net... The code itself wouldnt allow you to play pirated games etc. but another hacker with that code may very well do it...


As george Hotz is using the same legal team against sony....

My bet is There thinking *****.. if we loose this case like the iphone did.. mega billions are goin to be lost.. so Now there changing thier whole system setup so that even if George does win the battle which heprobaly will... his code or whatever doesnt work..


And blaming hackers or other outsiders is an easy way to cover up there major flaw in there copyright system.. as no one then can sue sony for the blackout.. as 1 of my parents friends sons.. owns a Gaming house.. could easily sue. as his Earnings now have rocketed down due to this blackout.


Only my Theory tho.. :)


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