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16 Jul 2012
By parise93


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ModNation Player Profile: mini_schnauzer67

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16 Jul 2012
By parise93

original.jpgPSN ID: mini_schnauzer67


What inspires you? 

Wow, so much inspires me. Most of all it would have to be all of my friends in this game and the amazing stuff they make. Most of my tracks have taken small ideas from a couple of recent tracks, and other ideas from other places, like Monet's Garden was based on my favourite painting, White Water Lilies by Monet. The thaw was partly by MNR rally Sweeden, Valentine, a couple of things its2l84that uses in his tracks and a recent track (at the time) by onepoppa. Inspiration really comes from so many places though, even on car trips I sometimes see things and think, "That would be so cool in MNR..."

Who are your favorite creators and creations? (Tracks, Mods, Karts)
There are too many lol! prob_alex gets first mention for his amazing artistic and rally tracks, but atheist, cat, argo, itatchi, PH1LThy31, ivo, indus, sergiochileno, jefferzone, its2l84that, biver, meep, hamster, big-village, marusarusa, r-crimson, onepoppa, bongsoldier, ylSK8TLZPqQ and so many others have made incredible tracks that have really inspired me. 


My favourite tracks... All of the rally ones by prob_alex, but especially Wales, all newer tracks by laidbackcat, atheist or prob,secondary.png
Blue Pearl Soul by marusarusa always makes for amazing races, Camping School In Summer is one of my favourite tracks for a nice, scenic race, Journey thru Fire and Ice by its2l84that is one of my all time favourites, I love Himalayan Deathtrail by biver too. God, there's like 400 tracks I could mention, if you ever come into one of my gamerooms you'll see a few of the tracks I love.


As for mods and karts, Kuningaskotka's Gustav Holst mod is the greatest mod ever made lol. Period. I've never looked further lol. Karts, R-aska for the most epic anime karts and Miheal-Keehl for amazing realistic karts.


What are your favorite creations? (Tracks, Mods, Karts)
My creations? Well I am terrible at making mods, but I guess my karts are ok. It is a great privilege for prob_alex to race as a modified version of my kart: Prob_Alex's Rally Fiesta. That would have to be my favourite kart.


For tracks, I can't really choose, but Mystical Music Raceway is the track which I put the most time and effort into and is probably my favourite track. Also, Monet's Garden will always hold a special place in my heart as my first Hot Lap track and my most downloaded track. 


What is your creating process strong point?
I really don't know, but probably being able to visualise tracks in my head. However my ideas always evolve, and often my tracks end up very different to my first ideas.

What have you learned most from other creators?
That anything is possible, and that it is VERY improtant the bank corners well and have a smooth track. The most beautiful and detailed track is no good if you can't race on it. :smileywink:
What advice would you give to newer ModNation creators?
Be patient and practise. Your first tracks will not be very good, but every track you make you improve. Also, race tracks made by experienced creators to get ideas for your own track. Try to get some friends in the game and share your tracks with them. If you give feedback to others, they will be more inclined to give you feedback on your own tracks. :smileywink:

Other Interests?

I love classical music and I am a keen saxophonist. As I write this I'm listening to classical music. :smileyvery-happy: I also love tennis and table tennis (two similar yet very different sports), as well as soccer. I follow a lot of overseas sport as the sport here in Australia (other than rugby and cricket) is not very good, especially our soccer. All of our good players go to Europe... :smileysad: I also like drawing, at the moment I like using charcoal, but I never like painting.
Acceleration or Speed? / Drift or Handling?
+1 Speed +1 Handling, except in hot lap where I always use +2 Speed and Handling varies.

Hot Wheels or Matchbox?

Anything that was available lol! I had a huge collection of cars when I was younger, and they are still kept in a box somewhere. I would play with them a lot and I really liked counting them (I know, I am strange). I also really liked lego cars, in fact I liked lego anything lol.
What type of tracks do you like to race? (scenic, drift, fast, silly, race-oriented, etc)

Interesting and scenic tracks, but they have to make for a good race too! 


Your theme idea for a creation contest?
I always thought it'd be really fun for everyone to remake one of their pre-hot lap tracks, like for me Of Water and Ice or The Snake's Lair.
Do you "see" track ideas when you travel?

Yes, but 95% of the time they don't work lol. Often I think of a good idea but I never get around to making it.
Biff or Gary?
Gary, because of the last scene in Career mode. That made me laugh so hard! :smileyvery-happy:
What is your favorite creation  theme and why?

Alpine is great, and Arctic is really awesome, but kind of limited. Alpine you can make almost anything on! My least favourite is by far jungle, I just never use it.
What is your favorite UFG track and why?

Penguin Palace is UFG's best track, it has a lot of detail, but tbh I don't like UFG's tracks much. Not creative enough,preview_image.png and half of them are terrible to drive on.

What is your TOP TIP for racing?

I'm not too good at racing myself (top skill rating of 1949 says it all), and that's because I haven't done too many races. Practise makes perfect!

Favorite weapon?

Level 1 anything, but probably missile. I had a lvl 1 war with Jordi last night... So fun lol!
Favorite race type (action / pure / time trial/ online)
Casual with my friends. My favourite room is with the rippers and the drews, they are nice people who like the same tracks as me and are about my skill level. Plus they race at 4am PST, which is my evening. My second favourite is with my Japanese friends, like r-crimson, std, pampa, ac-ziphius, tyen, UraN, fu-ko, suimei, inosan, r-aska and many others. Japanese rooms are just so frantic and fun! When I get up early I love to race with my American and EU friends like atheist, cat, biver, onepoppa, onemama, punishthem, zardoz-art, meep... and all of the other people who race with them. Finally, every once in a while I like to race with some faster racers, like AngleG, turmis, Jordi, glaud, Kuni and many others, even though they smash me. :smileyvery-happy: 


Oh, and I used to love hot lap, but now it's on rotation I don't play it as often.

Additional comments for player profile:

I have now reached lvl 30, so will play a bit less, but I will keep playing. I could never leave ModNation. Thank you to all who helped me reach lvl 30 and to all those who I have raced with, from my Japanese friends to the elites to the people who I keep coming back to race with, like onepoppa. I have made many great friends in MNR and I hope to make more in days to come. Long Live MNR!!!!! :smileyhappy:


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