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Thanks for the weekly Update Mark!


Guess I will be obsessively checking the Store constantly this week until that Arctic Tour appears. (Thanks to moriarty1975 for the sneek peek  :Thumbs:)

(I know a more aggressive Store update schedule has been promised due to E3 and Welcome Back stuff)

I'd love to see it there TONIGHT! :xCool:


I know we've been loaded up on new creation DLC this past week, BUT:

Any chance we might see a new Coming Soon Video (like has been done in the past) that gives us a peek at that BIG CITY Tour pack... please, please, please. 

Those track names have my imagination sparked with potential new prop and creation pieces that pack might bring!!!


Bring on the DLC!!!!

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Re: ModNation Monday Official blog 6/6/11: Ask And You Shall Receive… In Abundance!

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