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Those "top racers" with there "mad skills" are a complete joke. #1 boosts and is a terrible racer #2 is "Mr.Best Canadian" <<< LOL and #3 just races alot and is just an average racer. Out of that entire list of racers I could make 99% of them my little pet with ease and so could the TRUE best racers of the game could do. Those "top racers" know it too which makes it even more hilarious. I know this was made for good intentions, but it's a failure when all it's doing is promoting boosters and fakes. On another note, FINALLY THE SNOW THEME!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D oh and no need to edit my post again like u did with the other blog post Trawnza, I didn't flame anyone then, and Im not now, it's a fact/opinion.
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