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16 Jul 2012
By mini_schnauzer67
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Modnation Monday: A Rally Event Is Finally Here!

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16 Jul 2012
By mini_schnauzer67

This is it, the rally event we've all been waiting for! Some of the most technical but fast tracks in the game, made by the top creators, will feature in this event. You don't want to miss it, and with 3 different time slots everyone can make it! Sign up for this week's Wars event now! 


News and Events:


As previously mentioned, this week's Wars has a rally theme. Every day this week Kuningaskotka will release two of the tracks that will be featured in the event. Sign up soon to avoid missing out!


Also, if you think you're fast check out lowkeynerd's 1 on 1 challenges. He will race you 1 on 1 to test your skill (and for fun of course!)


Finally, I'm sure you would know that the first batch of beta invites have been sent out. There are some familiar faces from MNR in the beta, and I'm sure there will be more when the European players get their codes! Be patient, and you might get lucky.


Mod/Kart Spotlight:


This week I've chosen ZARDOZ-ART, a very talented mod creator. Here's two of his best mods: tigerlord 'best' and sunblaster.



Tracks of the Week: 


This week has been relatively quiet, but there were some good creations. No standouts so no time trial track this week... sorry:


Desert of Darkness by R-Crimson



This track is a couple of weeks old but complex and fun to race. A bit hard but not to challenging or confusing.





A late entry but a great one, sticking to the fast and detialed style of track that King_mephisto loves to make. Just in time for the water park challenge too!


Skystation One by Onepoppa



Also a couple of weeks old but amazing glitch work makes this track one to remember. Plus it's still smooth and fun to race.


De Triomphe by flathletics102



A really unique style of track, really fun in a big casual room. Flathletics' best track yet for sure!


Sis puella magica! by S-h-o-



Worth it for the amazing anime prop work alone, plus it's a nice, fast paced track. Like other tracks by S-h-o- this one is great for large casual rooms.


Mystic Lake by fanajonathan



This was brought to my attention by Assyrion, it is a beautiful track with picturesque scenery.


Hopefully the LBP Karting Beta reaches the European players soon, and, as always, have a great week!



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New track: Underworld Dreams
I will hop onto MNR once ever week or 2 to test tracks.
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