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13 Aug 2012
By mackAttack8000


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Modnation Monday: Thanks Gary

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13 Aug 2012
By mackAttack8000

Modnation Monday1.png

Modnation Monday4.png

Modnation Monday5.pngNews and Events.pngModnation Monday6.pngModnation Monday7.pngModnation Monday8.pngSpotlight1.pngSpotlight2.pngModnation Monday10.pngModnation Monday3.2.pngModnation Monday9.pngHotlap.pngModnation Monday11.png

Modnation Monday12.png


Gary's Tutorial--> Advanced Terrain Editing


Modnation Monday13.png




Thank you for letting me post Modnation Monday this week. I hope you have all enjoyed my new concept. I am going to be on holiday from this Friday coming until the 31st, so I cannot do this next week, or the week after. Feel free to take up the burden challenge!

Also, please note; Cartoons displayed and advertised within this blog are accurate representations of their real-life counterparts. The stencil was drawn within CS6 flash, and then filled with the average colour of the area. Do not feel disencouraged if you do not like the cartoons.

Once again, I hope you enjoyed the concept, and, as Gary said, Hope you have a good week!



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