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23 feb 2012
Door Envied-Fast


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RGT8 Details / All Info / Registrations / Prize Money

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23 feb 2012
Door Envied-Fast


The Reflex GT 8 - CoD: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3) 4v4 event page have been up for a while now, but some information was still missing. But now, almost everything you need to know, and should know, is up!

Can be accessed via > Tournaments > RGT8 - CoD: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3) 4v4 as well. Or click the header.

In order to fully confirm your team, all teams should send their team's registration form ASAP! Read step 2 and 3 of the Tickets topic (can be found in the event page's menu as well). Your team will then be placed on our official Teams list.

See the event page's menu for direct access to all the information you need. Some important links are below.

- Travel & Accommodation, especially the 'Travelling inside the Netherlands' part!
- Schedule
- Format: Tournament format + seedings explained.
- Brackets: Comletely renewed, including match times, the top x you've reached and more. No more workbook, just the brackets. Will be displayed on the screens at the admin desk (scoreboards). NOTE: The match times of the first Winners Rounds ar yet to be determined, but the first matches will start at 9:00.
- What to Bring
- Teams: Current confirmed and unconfirmed teams. Registration form required!
- FAQ & Support: Literally I get a few of the same questions every day. Answers can be found here. Also, please post all your other questions there as well, so we have it all in one place.

Make sure at least one of your team is familiar with the below rules.
- General Rules
- Tournament Rules

- Live Stream: some info on how we will roll this weekend.

Last one: Prizes & Rank Points.

  1. € 1200
  2. € 600
  3. € 400

During the weekend, all match results will be tweeted: @ReflexGT


Team cap currently is set to 22, and it will NOT be more than that. The last few tickets are reserved, so no more tickets are available in the ticketshop. More on this later.


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