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16 Aug 2016
By TheBrightside--


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PlayStation Now Start and Select Do Not Work

0 Replies 209 Views Created 16-08-2016
16 Aug 2016
By TheBrightside--
Hi guys,

I purchased the subscription for PlayStation Now, and I cannot play 90% of the games?! This is due to an issue where "start" and "select" buttons do not work. Firstly, please read the things I have tried below before you suggest fixes, thanks.

1. I have tried different controllers, it doesn't work.
2. I have tried it on my PlayStation downstairs, it then works fine.
3. Yes, I am using the motion pad.
4. My controller settings have assigned it to controller 1.
5. I have tried restarting everything, still doesn't work.

The issue with this is I can't actually start half the games up, or even open the menus in the ones I can.

Please help, this is a rip off for £12 a month, we are being scammed if this isn't fixed.

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