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26 Jul 2014
By Zjet


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Playstation Vita TV / Playstation TV using the PS TV to output from a physical Vita Console

0 Replies 619 Views Created 26-07-2014
26 Jul 2014
By Zjet

I understand the Playstation TV can play selected DIGITAL Vita games and any of the PS1 and PSP games that work on Vita in whatever region you are in.


What i am wondering is why not have the option if you own a Vita console to be able to just use the Vita itself as a controller and just use the Playstation TV for Video output to a TV that way all Vita games including physical copies would be playable as we have the correct hardware ( touchscreen, back touchpad ) etc that does not need to be emulated.


This seems like an obvious decision as similar devices Eg: Apple TV allow iOS devices to be used in a similar fashion


Would be great to see this feature as it would allow ALL vita games to be played not just SELECTED ones



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