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12 Mar 2015
By Syph33r


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The Awakened Fate Ultimatum - There Can Only Be One!

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12 Mar 2015
By Syph33r
The Awakened Fate Ultimatum on the PlayStation 3

From Nippon Ichi Software comes The Awakened Fate Ultimatum, a sequel to the critically acclaimed role-playing game The Guided Fate Paradox - exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Several years have passed since the events of The Guided Fate Paradox - and the war between Angels & Devils still rages on.

Using the "Fate Awakening Crystal", the Angels are in search of a compatible vessel to create a new God to use as a weapon.

Whilst walking home one-day a young school boy is attacked by a group of Devils. Stabbed through the heart and on the verge of death he wakes up in the world of Celestia.

Now he has been chosen, to become God - thrust into the mayhem of the war-torn conflict between Angels and Devils, he must now use his powers and ultimately choose his side.

story screenshot - 1 story screenshot - 2 story screenshot - 3

Because you are God, you are also given the ultimate choice - the choice of who lives, and who dies.

You will come across branching paths known as Conversation Events that will affect your gameplay and story, so you can ultimately re-play the game for the alternate route and gameplay possibilities.

Improving upon the predecessor all the roguelike-dungeons within The Awakened Fate Ultimatum are now in full 3D. These randomized dungeons are based on your current equipment and items you have and are sure to test your mettle.

As part of your pact between either the forces of good or evil you are able to Deitize.

This allows you to transform into a powerful-being using either Angel (melee) or Devil (ranged) attacks on your enemies - and if you strenghten your relationship even further with the sides of good or evil, you can even unlock the Resonant Deitize ability.

gameplay screenshot - 1 gameplay screenshot - 2 gameplay screenshot - 3

Releasing Exclusively for the PlayStation 3
March 20th

The Awakened Fate Ultimatum on PlayStation 3


PEGI 12 - PlayStation 3 - Nippon Ichi Software - NISAmerica
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