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14 Jun 2018
By smojo82


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Error code ce-30005-8 FIX

0 Replies 364 Views Created 14-06-2018
14 Jun 2018
By smojo82

Just wanted to throw out there what has worked for me when I get this code. Hopefully it’ll work for others.


I don’t want to do the safe mode since I can lose data. I’m sure I’ll need to get the system serviced at some point but for the past few months, this has worked. 


Every time id try to play Black Ops 3, it was always saying the code error. I would then take out the disc which was clearly clean and reinsert it. SOMETIMES I’d have to do this once or twice and it’d work. 


Other times I have to restart the ps4, and if the game didn’t play once it restarted, I’d have to eject it and reinsert it once again and then it’d work. 


Sometimes id have to restart it and put in another disc, I used a DVD and wouldn’t let it start playing, but long enough for the ps4 to try to read something else, other than the game. Maybe it was stuck on the black ops disc error and was jammed, internally. As of it were glitched. So I think throwing it off by inserting a movie or game might help it reset itself? 


Once it showed the dvd was ready to play  (u can tell this by the Disc symbol on the icon that you’re highlighting to use, its a silver disc color. When a disc is not readable it will have the disc symbol, but it’ll be grey, indicating it’s not being read)...

..Once I seen the Other disc I put in (in this case the dvd) was ready, I’d then eject it and insert the black ops game. This still didn’t work so I restarted it again. And Boom—success! 


Who knows if this works for others, all I know is the combination of these things have worked for me every single time. So I wanted to share. 


I dont know if this is a black ops issue/any disc or just the black ops disc, since I only play black ops that’s on disc, everything else is digital. 


Hope this helps someone. It works for me! 

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