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31 Oct 2018
By Gethin_Mon


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PS4 Not Starting Up

0 Replies 92 Views Created 31-10-2018
31 Oct 2018
By Gethin_Mon

For some reason my PS4 wont' start up properly. 


By pressing both the PS button on the controller (when it's wired in, and when not wired in) and the on/off button on the PS4 itself, the light blinks, there is one beep, but it won't turn on. 


I've had it repaired (and a new power supply was put in), but after a month of working fine the problem happened again. However, when I took it back to the same repair shop, all they did was plug it tin, and it worked. I then received the PS4 back, and again after a few weeks of working fine it happened again. Light blinks once, there is a beep, but it doesn't power up properly. 


Yet again, the repair shop plugged it in, and it worked fine. 


It has now done the same thing, and I'm not sure what to do. It won't power up at all now, and if I take it to the repair shop, I worry the same thing will happen again. 


I am currently trying to get someone to have a look at the electricity in my house, in case that may be the problem, but I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem?





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