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15 Jan 2013
By pheonixgate1


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Club Nachtmere Presents: A Tour of Haunted Homes

0 Replies 439 Views Created 15-01-2013
15 Jan 2013
By pheonixgate1

This is a tour hosted on the US server, but I would like to extend the invitation to any UK Home users that might be interested. NOTE: I cite temporary membership (to Nachtmere) as a requirement for participation, but I don't know how that would work between servers. If for some reason, you can't access the clubhouse (or don't receive your invite, or for some reason can't accept it) I will send you an invite from each stop on the tour so you can participate--please just ad that you are from the UK somewhere in the friend request so I can make note. So, without further ado:


For those of you who don't read the fine print: Club Nachtmere is hosting a Haunted Tour of Homes on Sunday, February 16th @ 9 pm CST (US Central Standard Time). It will consist of 4 Personal Spaces: The Zombie Deadquarters, Cutteridge Estate, Demonic Cutteridge, and Savage Manor. Only 13 slots are available for this tour, and each request will be accepted in the order it was sent (using the timestamp--to UK participants, I will figure out the corresponding time in CST and place you accordingly). Please send a friend request to Pheonixgate1 (via PS3) to reserve your spot. Each person will then be granted temporary membership to Nachtmere. You MUST accept your invitation to the club to participate in the tour (as we will be meeting in the Clubhouse before the tours begin--as noted, UK users are exempt from this if the Clubhouse is not accessible). After the tour, there will be 24 hour access to Cutteridge (Clubhouse) for the Ghost Candle game (Mouldering Manuscript)--with all furniture removed for easier play. Permanent membership will be reviewed on a case by case basis, otherwise, the membership will expire after the 24 hour period. Please read the details on the flyer for more information.


Or just reply to this post. I'll try to answer as soon as I can. (But I work, so bear with--and also, time zones).

Thank you to anyone who happens to enjoy this macabre little event :) I know I will!)

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