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03 Sep 2012
By natsamson


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PSTALENT Has Arrived!! (EOD TV)

0 Replies 281 Views Created 03-09-2012
03 Sep 2012
By natsamson is one of the leading Community Machinima Companies licensed by Sony, LOOT and PlayStation Home to produce, direct and come up with exciting and entertaining Projects and Videos for our viewing pleasure in the PlayStation Home Cinema and Theater Screens. For some time now, PSTalent has been over in our neighbouring Region, the US, producing exciting machinima films and projects, for example, PSHome The Movie, PhoneHome and the highly anticipated seasons of THE SPOTLIGHT, bringing you the who's who of home which is the latest cybercast entirely constructed, directed and produced by PSTalent and its Members. As some of you already may have found out, the Entertainment On Demand (EOD) TV's have arrived, bringing with it some amazing films, productions and entertainment from LOOT and its Community. Also to come across with the TV's is PSTalent's own EOD Channel, featuring all its productions, cybercasts and even the brand new SuperHeroes Contest Winners. You can view all the latest and future PSTalent productions straight from the TV, anywhere in Home.. The US have access to PSTalent so far within it's Cinema Screens and we hope to see them come across to our region very soon, enjoy the show :smileyhappy:

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