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03 jun 2008
Por dukenukemforever


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hello fair ridge racers, mail to namco

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03 jun 2008
Por dukenukemforever
hello ridge racers from spain,

if you are afraid of the cheater in rr7, we have done something. we write a letter to namco and hope, that they reset the ranking and/or update the game. please feel free to copy the following letter and send it to namco. the adress is in my signature. we hope, that we can move something.
we wrote this letter first in the german and the us-forum and a lot of people followed.
i think, that all fair rr's see it like us. if you have more email account, send it from them !

Dear Sirs,


I am writing this in the hope that it is not too late to repair the damage to the Ridge Racer 7 rankings.

I'm sure you are aware, that for some time there have been a number of ways to cheat in order to climb the rankings, and that, in fact, very very few of the top 100 racers have gained their ranking position on merit. Well, there has been a new method discovered which threatens to destroy the rankings completely.

A racer - no, they do not deserve that title - A cheater has, it would seem, has found a way to hack into their game save and enable it to be used for multiple accounts. Worse still is that this person has already cheated their way into the top 50 rankings, and is now using that account to create multiple new accounts which instantly appear inside the top 100 rankings. At the last count, they had 37 accounts all with very similar, or exactly the same figures for FP, OBP and CR.

I fear this will just be the tip of the iceberg and that, very soon, others will copy his methods and the rankings will be destroyed forever

Before this started, my rank was around 350 - it has taken me over a year to get to this position through legitimate racing. I suspect the next time I check, I will be outside the top 400 and will soon, if nothing is done, find myself outside the top 1000.

This is a plea to Namco, to reset all stats to zero, or at least to the maximum that is possible by playing the offline game to completion. Then monitoring submissions for anything suspicious. Any sudden submission on a new account, of more than the maximum offline FP, for an account that has not had a high score before, must be considered illegitimate. Also, a submission of 1000 FP or 1400000 CR, more than once by the same account, must also be considered illegitimate. And OBP cannot be allowed to be re-submitted from a game save - if a racer loses OBP, it should remain lost and they must race again to gain it back. These are a few simple steps that could be taken to help keep the rankings free from cheaters.


Many thanks for your attention

(your name)

hope, that it helps.

dukenukemforever a.k.a duke
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