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21 Jun 2013
By YunaRikku21


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Sphere Raider my Final Fantasy game in Visual C++

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21 Jun 2013
By YunaRikku21

Hi there Final Fantasy Fans and FF Community! :)

to begin with, please don't missunderstand it, it's not a spam nor an advertisement, but it's for you FF fans, first of all, it's a pure fan-made project just like Dead Fantasy made by Monty Oum,
I develop it for you girls and guys and for all the Final Fantasy fans out there,
I don't attempt to earn money from this project of mine which is a
Final Fantasy fan-service 3D TPS JRPG and action mixed up game.
the copyright of Yuna, Rikku, Vanille, Serah, Ashe, Prishe and all the other characters belong to Square Enix,
I do not own them. by the way folks, I'm an officially videogame developer and have worked on several AAA titles.

about the game:

it's my "own" 3D Yuna game called "Sphere Raider" in Microsoft Visual Studio C++
I do the programming, modeling, animating, texturing, music composing, testing, storyline writing and so on...

well, it's going to be a 3D TPS jumping/shooting adventure game as I have written above.
It will be similar to Tomb Raider, however this time Yuna is the main character or rather protagonist instead of Lara Croft.
Furthermore Yuna has to find those Spheres just like in FF X-2,
for example if Gun Mage or Dark Knight Dressphere have been found then She will be able to switch between those Dresspheres.
e.g. to Dark Knight and use it's skill called "Black Sky".
so, Sphere Hunter + Tomb Raider = Sphere Raider
that's the way how the name of the game has came.
In addition it seems it's going to be a multiplayer game which could be played over the Internet or LAN.
The second player would be Rikku or the user will be able to select a character (Rikku, Vanille, Serah, Ashe, Prishe, Kairi, Namine)
Finally, the game takes place at the original FFX / FF X-2 stages and at favorite ones from FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFXII, FFXIII, FFXIII-2
(Besaid Island, Kilika Port, Luca, ..., Bevelle, ..., Zanarkand and so on...)

It seems the monsters are going to be the same as in FFX/X-2,
but, at the very end of every each level there will be a boss fight,
bosses will be the bad guys from FF series like Kefka, Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Kuja, Jecht, Seymour, Shantotto, Gabranth,
Garland, Emperor, Cloud of Darkness, Golbez, ExDeath and CHAOS, to continue with,
Penance (FFX) and the Dark Aeons (FFX), Nemesis (FFX), and Weapons (VII,VIII), Yizmat (FFXII), Ozma (FFIX),
Angra Manyu (FFX-2), Trema (FF X-2), Pandemonium Warden (FFXI).
I haven't decided yet that the Spheres should contain more story or not.
Yuna won't be alone, since it's going to be multiplayer game
and the second player could help her out who could be Rikku / Vanille / Serah / Ashe / Prishe / Kairi / Naminé, etc. and there is a big chance to add more characters.
If the player has no a friend who could play multiplayer with her/him then there will be NPCs assists who is/are controlled by the CPU, thanks to the implemented Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Yuna is able to change to "Summoner" Dressphere and then She is able to summon
Valefor, Ifrit, Shiva, Ixion, Bahamut, Yojimbo, Anima and Magus Sisters, by the way,
I haven't decided yet if I should add more summons next to the original ones, but in my opinion it shouldn't be a problem, due to the fact that it's a pure fanmade game, so if original ideas and contents are used, that should be okej.
Now I would like to add Knights of the Round (KOTR), Eden, Ark, Ultima, the High Seraph and Alexander, Leviathan, Quezacotl, Phoenix, Siren,
Odin, Gilgamesh, Tonberry King, Jumbo Cactuar, Catoblepas, Pandemona, Diabolos, Kjata, Doomtrain, Carbuncle and finally the best summon ever, my favorite one: Shinryu. Moreover, I hesitate if Yuna should be able to summon weapons like Ultima Weapon, Omega Weapon, Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon or not. On the other hand there may be fangirls and fanboys who would dislike the idea of adding extra summons to the original ones from Final Fantasy X (10). Still assist characters will be added like Cloud Strife, Vincent Valentine, Squall Leonhart, Zidane Tribal,
Tidus, Auron, Wakka, Vaan.

The first in-game screenshot of Sphere Raider has been revealed:

here is the very first screenshot or rather snapshot of the early development of Sphere Raider,
the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is a mess here yet, but I had to watch the values of variables of
HP, MP, AP, EXP, Lv.L, in-game and in debug, in watch window also

Sphere Raider



Main character: Yuna (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
Assist character: Rikku (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed

Another characters in the case of multiplayer mode:

Prishe (FFXI) - confirmed
Tifa (FFVII) - confirmed
Vanille (FFXIII) - confirmed
Ashe (FFXII) - confirmed
Terra (FFVI) - confirmed
Serah (FFXIII) - confirmed
Kairi (Kingdom Hearts II) - confirmed
Naminé (Kingdom Hearts II) - confirmed

Aerith / Aeris (FFVII)
Rinoa (FFVIII)
Selphie (FFVIII)
Quistis (FFVIII)
Aqua (Kingdom Hearts / Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)
Yuffie (FFVII) - rumor
Garnet / Dagger (FFIX) - rumor
Lightning (FFXIII) - rumor
Fang (FFXIII) - rumor
Penelo (FFXII) - rumor
Fran (FFXII) - rumor
Cosmos (FF Dissidia) - unknown


when a Summon / GF / Aeon / Espers (Scions) summoned then the player must choose if She/He wants to take over the control over the summon or let it controlled by the CPU.

Valefor - confirmed
Ifrit - confirmed
Ixion - confirmed
Shiva - confirmed
Bahamut - confirmed
Yojimbo - confirmed
Anima - confirmed
The Magus Sisters - confirmed
Neo Bahamut - confirmed
Bahamut ZERO - confirmed
Bahamut Fury - confirmed
Tiamat - confirmed
Shinryu - confirmed
Leviathan - confirmed
Odin - confirmed
Gilgamesh - confirmed
Siren - confirmed
Knights of the Round - confirmed
Eden - confirmed
Atomos - confirmed
Ultima - confirmed
Alexander - confirmed
Ark - confirmed
Catoblepas - confirmed
Carbuncle - confirmed
Typhoon - confirmed
Pandemona - confirmed
Kjata - confirmed
Phoenix - confirmed
Diabolos - confirmed
Quezacotl - confirmed
Doomtrain - confirmed
Tonberry King - confirmed
Jumbo Cactuar - confirmed
Choco/Mog - confirmed
Chaos - confirmed
Fenrir - rumour
Brothers - rumour
Ramuh - rumour
Titan - rumour
Hades - rumour

well, I know there are a lot more, but I need Summons/Aeons which could be even more "compatible" with the given maps.


Besaid Island (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
Kilika Island / Port (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
Luca (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
Mi'Ihen Highroad (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
Mushroom Rock Road (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
Moonflow (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
Macalania Woods (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
Bikanel Island / Bikanel Desert (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
Bevelle (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
Mt. Gagazet (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
Zanarkand Ruins (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
(Al Bhed) Home (FFX) - confirmed

Midgar (FFVII) - confirmed
Junon (FFVII) - confirmed
Temple of the Ancients (FFVII) - confirmed
Ancient Forest (FFVII) - confirmed
Forgotten Capital (FFVII) - confirmed
Northern Cave (FFVII) - confirmed
Wutai (FFVII) - confirmed
Cosmo Canyon (FFVII) - confirmed
Icicle Inn (FFVII) - confirmed
Mideel (FFVII)
Gongaga (FFVII) - confirmed
Costa del Sol (FFVII) - confirmed (extended map)
Gold Saucer (FFVII) - confirmed
Northern Cave Crater (FFVII) - confirmed
Round Island (FFVII)
North Corel (FFVII)
Bone Village (FFVII)
Fort Condor (FFVII)
Kalm Town (FFVII) (extended map)

Balamb Garden (FFVIII) - confirmed
Galbadia Garden (FFVIII)
Esthar (FFVIII) - confirmed
Lunatic Pandora (FFVIII) - confirmed
Deling City (FFVIII) - confirmed
Winhill (FFVIII) - confirmed

Lindblum (FFIX) - confirmed
Alexandria (FFIX) - confirmed
Treno (FFIX) - confirmed
Ispen's Castle (FFIX) - confirmed
Conde Petie (FFIX) - confirmed
Madain Sari (FFIX) - confirmed
Cleyra (FFIX) - confirmed
Black Mage Village (FFIX) - confirmed
Qu's Marsh (FFIX) - confirmed
Pinnacle Rocks (FFIX)
Gizamaluke's Grotto (FFIX)
Evil Forest (FFIX)
Esto Gaza (FFIX)

Boss Maps:

Oasis (FFX-2) - confirmed

Guadosalam (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
Thunder Plains (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
Lake Macalania (FFX) - confirmed
Sanubia Desert (FFX) (circle-like shaped area of Bikanel) - confirmed
Calm Lands (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
Dream's End (FFX) - confirmed
Farplane (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed
All the Temples (FFX / FFX-2) - confirmed

Planet's Core (FFVII) - confirmed
Nibelhim (FFVII) - confirmed
Rocket Town (FFVII) - confirmed
Desert Prison (FFVII) - confirmed

Ultimecia's Castle (FFVIII) - confirmed
Lunatic Gate (FFVIII) - confirmed
Research Facility (FFVIII) - confirmed
Trabia Garden
Shummi Village

Crystal World (FFIX) - confirmed
Lifa Tree (FFIX) - confirmed
Burmecia (FFIX) - confirmed
Alexandria port (FFIX) - confirmed
Daguerro (FFIX) - confirmed
Observatory (FFIX) - confirmed

Old Chaos Shrine (FFI) - confirmed
Pandaemonium (FFII) - confirmed
Pandaemonium - Top Floor (FFII / FF Dissidia) - confirmed
World of Darkness (FFIII) - confirmed
Crystal Tower (FFIII / FF Dissidia) - confirmed
Lunar Subterrane (FFIV) - confirmed
The Rift (FFV) - confirmed
Kefka's Tower (FFVI) - confirmed
M.S. Prima Vista (FFIX / FF 012) - confirmed
Empyreal Paradox (FFXI) - confirmed
Sky Fortress Bahamut (FFXII) - confirmed
Orphan's Cradle (FFXIII) - confirmed
Phantom Train (FFIV, FFVI, FFVIII, FF Tactics, FF Duodecim, FF Unlimited) - confirmed
Order's Sanctuary (FF Dissidia 012) - confirmed
Edge of Madness (FF Dissidia Duodecim) - confirmed

finally, I would like to thank you very much for reading it over, nowadays I develop games more than playing them next to my job at my workplace, the project is still in development day by day and I do it to the FF fans and for that ultimate respect what I feel towards Final Fantasy.

If you like it then please give me a KUDOS as a positive feedback, but it isn't important, but as you want and/or leave a comment, you can leave your ideas and if it's a good one then I promise I will implement it in the game, so you are able to see your idea in this game, since I'm making it for all of you, for the Final Fantasy community and for all the Final Fantasy fans out there.

I hope you loved it,
Have a nice day/night to all of you,
good luck and happy gaming!

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