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14 Jun 2011
By IzzyJ


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SOCOM Special Forces v1.03

0 Replies 359 Views Created 14-06-2011
14 Jun 2011
By IzzyJ

Patch Alert: SOCOM Special Forces v1.03
By Jeremy Dunham, Senior Community Manager, Zipper Interactive
It’s update time from our headquarters in Redmond, Washington, and our latest patch - version 1.03 - addresses and adds a number of key things that SOCOM Special Forces fans should appreciate. In fact, starting today you’ll find more polished camera reactions, additional control customisation options, a number of refinements to the Clan Challenge feature, and some pre-loaded files that prepare SOCOM Special Forces for the release of our upcoming SOCOM Pro Assault Pack, which will be available for download at no cost to you later this month, among other changes that can be reviewed in the more detail list highlighted below.
Don’t forget to check back with the SOCOM Blog over the next couple of weeks. We’ll have specifics regarding the 100% SOCOM Pro Assault Pack’s release date as well as news on our next update, v1.04, which activates the long-awaited SOCOM Special Forces Party system! Stay tuned.
SOCOM Special Forcesv1.03
June 14, 2011 | TPPS: 42 MB, DLS: 35 MB
·         Increased character movement strafe and backwards-movement speeds
Weapons and Gear
·         Revised PE4 Explosives: Dramatically reduced throwing velocity and throwing distance; lowered damage value
·         Adjusted accuracy values to be more unique by weapon
·         When colliding with geometry or when moving to narrow spaces, the camera now moves above the player’s head
·         Increased the duration of the Victory Dance animation and capped them at a XP maximum of 10 dances per round
·         Sped up and smoothed out the “settling into crouch” character movement
·         Updated tap-to-talk in Classic mode so that it functions properly with all DualShock control schemes and the PlayStation Move and Sharp Shooter peripherals (press “up” on the directional pad)
·         Added controller option that allows players to adjust their “Dead Zone” and “Acceleration”
·         Added option to activate a centre dot in the targeting reticule
·         Added option to turn in-game XP displays on or off
·         Clans that are “Ready” to play are now filtered to the top of the Clan Challenge list
·         Players can now cancel Clan Challenge invites; Challenges also auto-cancel when player count drops below minimum
·         Added Clan Lobby “Player Counts” and “Wait for Response” messaging to Clan Challenge invites
·         Added automatic “Not Ready” status to Clan Challenges when the player count drops below the required minimum
·         Multiplayer Game-types are now organized by category
·         Prepares code for upcoming bonus SOCOM Pro Assault Pack add-on
·         Fixed issue “spawn delay” issue that prevented players from spawning consistently at the start of a round
·         Repaired problem with “frozen” game clock that stayed at 0:00 when respawning or starting another round
·         Resolved various multiplayer “PS3 crash” scenarios
·         Various localization fixes

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