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29 Apr 2012
By Yaster


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Retro June 2! - The Wednesday Event

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29 Apr 2012
By Yaster

Image designed by mattsimmo - cheers!


The Wednesday Event Presents:

Retro June 2!


Well howdy doodie my shooter focussed chums and welcome to the second summer of lurrrve.

After all, love is a battlefield according to Pat Benatar.


So you may remember Retro June from last year.  "May" being a sort of a clue as the event was held back a month due to shenanigans.  Basically it's a summer festival of Wednesday Events celebrating the games of yesteryear.  We had CoD 4, Metal Gear Online, Warhawk and Resistance Fall of Man.  But this year, we are doing something a little different.


For in 2012, we celebrate 2011.  The first half of the year that is.  And the Wednesday Event specifically, for these were popular games back when the event started.  It's also how we justify putting 2010's Black Ops in there.


So without further ado, let's get on with running down the game's we're going to be playing this June!



Wednesday 6th June

Call of Duty Black Ops - 8pm

Back in early 2011, Black Ops was top dog.  The other games rotated around it when the event started and it wasn't until Killzone 3 came out that we had another "regular" (note, the reason K3 isn't part of Retro June is because it's a game we still enjoy playing today).  Relive those classic WE and CoD Friday memories in Black Ops on the 6th.


Wednesday 13th June

Homefront - 8pm

Claire Danes returns to form while Damien Lewis shoves a bag of marbles in his mouth while putting on an American accent in this exciting TV drama/thriller series currently running each week on Channel 4.  What's that?

Ok well they both have similar names.  In fact each Sunday I always suggest to the missus that we put Homefront on and I really mean Homeland.  But on the 13th of June feel free to join me in last years large-scale multiplayer shooter.


Wednesday 20th

Crysis 2 - 8pm

So, Crysis 3 was announced earlier this year and we had Crysis 1 come out on PSN in the second half of last year.  I think this game is here to stay, but when was the last time you played C2?  Break your silence on the 20th!  I hear they fixed the "dedicated" trophy too, this is your chance to unlock it.


Wednesday 27th June

Brink - 8pm

Brink on the 27th will round up of month long celebration of early 2011.  Seriously, Game were selling this FPS classic for £3 the other week, you may still be able to find some copies.  Or have a hunt around, you may be able to find a bargain just as good somewhere.


And there you have it.  The Summer of 2012 has begun and quite frankly, I feel like shooting you all, as usual.  So visit the thread for each event and find out how you can take part in each.

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