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01 Nov 2012
By Dirk_BSC


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NBA 2k13 Online Association - Europe

0 Replies 495 Views Created 01-11-2012
01 Nov 2012
By Dirk_BSC

Hello fellas,


i'm from Germany and i decided to create an NBA 2k13 Online Association for european players.

It's important that you come from Europe to enter the Association, because of the gametimes. Another important point is the fact that only PS3 user can enter.

So if you are an active NBA 2k13 player and want to play a season against other great players, you can join our facebook page ( and experience more.


Details about the League:

Fantasy Draft: YES (The date of drafting will be announced, if enough players joined the league)

Quarter length: 7 Minutes

Season length: 58 games

Difficulty: Superstar

Injuries: NO


You can find the important access datas on facebook.

I hope to find 29 other nice guys to fill my association.

See you soon!!!!!!

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