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22 Sep 2008
By MusterBuster


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How to get Technical Help

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22 Sep 2008
By MusterBuster

Welcome to our Technical Help Forum!

This is a guide to seeking Technical Help here at the Official PlayStation Community.

You are currently in the Technical Help section – here, you can post any technical problems you may be having with any PlayStation software, hardware or the PlayStation Network.

Before you post here, you should check out our Technical Solutions board to see if your problem has already been answered.

If you can’t find an answer to your problem in Technical Solutions – then post your problem in this board. Remember to include as many details of the problem as possible in your first post! For instance, if you are having problem accessing the PlayStation Network, it’s always a good idea to post all of your network settings.

Once you have posted, simply wait for an answer! Other users may respond to your thread with suggestions. If you try a suggestion and it works, you can mark that suggestion as an ‘Accepted Solution’, indicating that it is the correct answer to your problem, by clicking on the green tick next to the correct post.

If the suggestion didn't work – don’t worry! Our Customer Service Advisors are on hand and will post in your thread with the right thing to do, or highlight an existing post as the Accepted Solution.

If someone posts a response to your question which is not helpful, (e.g. – your PS3 is on fire! Ha!) use the ‘Report Abuse to a Moderator’ button and we will clean it up. Anyone found abusing this section with spam or unhelpful suggestions will have their posts removed, and may even be banned – so think before you post!

Note: we cannot answer questions related to the Forums or Website here. These questions need to be directed to Website and Forum Help, Feedback and Advice section.


You can also follow @RabidWalker and @SuperFastZombie on Twitter for updates on maintenance and guides to Technical issues.

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