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11 Jan 2009
By legoman-D


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Mahjong Tales : Ancient Wisdom online bugs/issues

0 Replies 287 Views Created 11-01-2009
11 Jan 2009
By legoman-D

I wanted to report some issues but couldn't find anywhere suitable on the PlayStation website, so I decided to post here in the forums - I hope this is OK. Don't get me wrong, I love the game & I'm not aiming to upset or send hate to Creat Studios, TikGames or Sony (I'll still be buying Cuboid on PSN) but I don't expect to find these kinds of problems with PlayStation software.


I downloaded the game not long after it was put up on PSN & have been playing it on & off since then. Recently I have been playing online, once I got used to everything in the solo games. As I've been playing I've found some issues that spoil what should be a great little game. I realise this is a port of a game from another platform but I'm not sure it was as ready for release as it could have been for something that must have passed Sony's strict QA. I think the game probably needs a patch or it needs a better online service.


I think I've played more online games than anyone else (apart from 1 or 2 FQA people). I've also talked with other players about their online experiences. What it boils down to is that online is very rarely a fun experience for a guest gamer but also sometimes for a host... I'll elaborate:


The person who hosts the game has a small chance of having some problems. These are having the game freeze for a couple of seconds at regular intervals but also completely hanging (even the PS button will not respond - requires switch off). This has happened to me a total of 5 times, with 68 online games completed.I've heard the same from other players.


The person who joins a game, the guest, will usually suffer lags, often quite severe to the point where the game becomes unplayable. This leaves the host at a massive advantage over the guest. The guest player will have a very jerky pointer & will find it very difficult to select tiles from the conveyor belts. The host will normally have no such issues & will generally be able to play just as he/she was in Story/Motion/Infinty modes. I've only played a handful of games where I could say the experience was the same as if I was sitting beside someone playing in the same room.When I have it has been really good, very challenging, but it's very rare. Everyone I have talked to after playing this game reports exactly the same issues.


High score table: The online high score table has issues. It displays the top 10 users correctly, but when you move down to see the following sets of 10 players, the Score, Wins & Losses of the original 10 will remain, so unless you are lucky enough to be in the top 10 you won't know how close you are to the people around you, just your position in the top 100. This continues all the way down - only the data from the actual top 10 players is displayed but in the places of 11-20, 21-30 etc. There is a further problem with the table. When you reach the 10th set of 10 placings (i.e. 91-100) the 100th place is displayed as 0 instead of 100 - not a big deal, but still a bug. You can actually continue further down the list for some reason, in fact another 27 pages worth of Rank 0s. This is ocasionally interupted with random placings such as 339, 300, 1634623847 & 1935622767 - odd stuff.


Other than that I've played most of the game, have got most of the trophies & find the solo game to be really well done in all aspects, especially music... I just wish I could have been in the beta testing for this one & helped make the online component as good as the rest. I actually worked on two shisen-sho games a long time ago & I've been a big fan of tile matching games from before those days.


Anyway, hope this info finds its way to the right people who can hopefully put things right... people are shelling out £7.99/$9.99 a go for this great little game & deserve to have it work properly.


This is a re-post, I made this post in the wrong section to begin with (games) & it got burried.

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