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18 Jan 2011
By Neo-Lycan


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PS3 Slim broken already? Sound issues!

0 Replies 324 Views Created 18-01-2011
18 Jan 2011
By Neo-Lycan

Hi all!


Got my slim PS3 about 2 weeks ago (generous birthday present from my brother!!) but I've started to encounter sound issues. My setup:


HD monitor for displaying both PC and PS3 - PS3 has the HDMI input, PC has DVI. I select which input to use from the monitor itself.

AV Multi-out from PS3 to 'amp' (cheap, but very good quality 2.1 speaker system.). The amp is in the subwoofer and requires red and white phono input.


So HDMI cable is providing picture, AV multi-out is providing sound. Fine.


However, about a week ago, the audio from the PS3 has become crackly through the red (right?) channel. If I change the white and red over going into the amp, the left speaker then crackes. This rules out it being my sound system.


If I use a different Playstation AV multi cable, I get the same issue.


If, however, I take the sound through the HDMI to the monitor, then from the monitor to my sound system, it's perfectly fine.


Therefore I am convinced it is the PS3 av out which is the problem.


I read someone saying that the Slim PS3 is prone to physical heat distortion (i.e. bits and pieces inside move about when it gets hot). Surely this cannot be true to the extent that sound is no longer acceptable? I haven't even put the machine through that much use!


Just want to get peoples opinions on whether this is a regular problem, and how best to go about it!


Cheers all :D


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