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21 Jan 2011
By FurySevenSix


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Welcome to the Community Awards Board!

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21 Jan 2011
By FurySevenSix

Community Awards.png


Welcome to the Community Awards 2010!


Hello Community!


Yes,  it's the time of year when all those community events, excellent guides, loltastic threads and general all round awesomeness finally pay off. The Community and Game Awards 2010 have begun!


The Community and Game Awards are all about celebrating the games, services, content and community members who made 2010 a brilliant year to be a gamer. The best bit? No journos, no industry professionals, no judging panels. In these awards, the only people who have a say are you - the PlayStation gamers.


If you want to find out more about how the Community and Game Awards work - just check out our FAQ.


You're currently in the Community Awards board. To go to the Game Awards, click here.


In this board, we will decide which community members, threads, events and clans have made the Official PlayStation Community and excellent place to be. The award categories this year are:


  • Best Member
  • Friendliest Online Gamer
  • Most Helpful Member
  • Funniest Member
  • Best Clan
  • Best Community Event
  • Thread of the Year
  • Most Creative Member
  • Best PSN Online ID
  • Newbie of the Year Award

All you need to do is jump into each of these threads and post your nomination for that award. You may nominate any community member who was active* in 2010, including staff if you so wish. When nominating, please keep banter and discussion down to a minimum and make sure that it is BLANTANTLY OBVIOUS what/who you are nominating. Finally, please make sure that you check the spelling of any PSN IDs or threads :smileyhappy:


Here's a lovely timeline for you:

  • Nominations open on Friday 21st January
  • Nominations close on Monday 7th February.
  • We will then select 10 finalists for each category and allow you to vote for the winner!
  • Voting opens on Wednesday 16th February
  • Voting closes on Monday 23rd February.
  • Winners will be announced on Friday 25th February.


From all of us here in the EN Community Team, 2010 was fantastic - we'd like to thank you all for being brilliant in so many ways, for taking part in our activities and events and for making us laugh, cry, throw things out the window and generally keeping us on our toes.





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