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22 Dec 2016
By davum


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The Last Guardian Ending [Spoilers]

0 Replies 1,944 Views Created 22-12-2016
22 Dec 2016
By davum

Finally finished The Last Guardian. Took a lot longer because I was trying not to die. What a brilliant game besides some camera issues and controls.


The part where the evil bird cat dogs are trying to kill Trico on the tower had me fuming. I was running at them pressing square trying to ram them off of Trico for ages.. I didn't even notice the bright glowing shield I needed to click for about 15 minutes  I really thought Trico was going to die when the bird dogs tore off his tail. Could feel the mainly tears coming.


One part I didn't understand was the cut scene after the credits when your child (now an adult) calls to Trico. There were 2 sets of eyes in the shadows. So was it Trico and the other bird dog that you tore the mask off of earlier in the game or, was Trico a girl the whole time and had had a baby.. What a way to end the game.. Bloody teases.


This has definitely been my favourite Team ICO/Gen Design game. Probably because I love animals so damn much.



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