Earlier today, David Jaffe posted an photograph of an email, detailing his upcoming, unannounced video game. It had certain areas completely blurred out, but it was an interesting read nevertheless. In fact, if you look close enough you're able to decipher the hidden text fairly accurately, enough so that Jaffe actually updated the image to have the writing blocked out even more. We're the internet, however, so we have the original image saved and posted, as well as a few reasons that we're pretty sure it's in reference to Twisted Metal PS3.

What we think is there is below, with the bold words our guesses...


High concept: We need the game to have more personality and feel like an action... our human characters are a big way we are going to get that vibe. I would like to see the following... the milestone and feel it would go a long way to wowing the crowds.

#1 - ... animation of capturing him, running over him and dragging him behind your car...
#2 - ...gives him personality- right now it's so dry- needs to feel  action.
a- When he is knocked out of a car and onto the ground he crawls frantically, looking... approaching cars, trying to get away, slipping as he tries to get up.

Now let's think: David Jaffe's company, Eat Sleep Play, has already sort of confirmed they're working on Twisted Metal for the PS3. These words really seem to be talking about a car game, and what better way to really enhance the Twisted Metal formula than to make it an open world game with an on-foot element? He puts an emphasis on characterization, makes specific mention to "human characters," which would imply that there are non-human characters. I'd be willing to bet we're going to see a Twisted Metal at E3 this year, and this looks to back that up a bit.

There are a few more images on his blog that are ripe for deciphering, anyone find anything we missed?