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13 Jun 2011
By Tilarta


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Disco Ball UGC Mission, how can I find it again?

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13 Jun 2011
By Tilarta

I played this UGC mission (Disco Ball), but when I finished the mission, I didn't bookmark it.


Is there a way to find it so I can play it again?


This is what happens in the mission:


Zeke talks about a party with a disco ball.

When you get there, it starts vaporizing party goers.

It has a shield that will periodically deactivate, allowing you to "throw" objects at it to damage the disco ball.

When it's had enough of a beating, you have to chase it around and finally destroy it for good.


I wasn't able to find a search option where I could input the name of the mission, which would have helped a great deal, because all I'd have to do is type it's name.

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